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Digital Strategy Training

Introduction to Digital Marketing - 1 Day : This fast paced, one day class provides a solid foundation in the key concepts around this constantly changing field. Through hands-on exercises, demonstrations and examples, attendees will come away with an understanding of successful online marketing strategies, the psychology of search, social media networks, mobile, and web analytics. To supplement the concepts, instructors will address special topics such as email marketing, user experience design, search engine optimization (SEO), building online engagement, geo and mobile marketing from their experiences working with clients on a regular basis. Attendees will also have the opportunity to examine these topics first hand for their own company throughout the day.

Social Media Marketing For Business - 1 Day : The course reviews how to use available tools for gaining valuable insights on how consumers feel about and respond to both your company’s brand and your competitors’ brands. This is a must-attend course for anyone who wants to use social media in their digital marketing strategy, and gain knowledge and expertise to develop and manage successful social media marketing efforts. Attendees include Marketing Executives, PR professionals, brand and product managers, Media Directors, and Business Owners.

Introduction to Google AdWords (101 & 201) - 1 Day : This class will get into the details of setting up and managing a successful PPC campaign which will show up on the Google Search Results page and show you how to avoid commonly made costly mistakes. Don’t get seduced telemarketers claiming they can “get your business at the top of Google for just $50 a month”. This course will help you understand what they are promising, so you can make a more educated decision.

Google Analytics Fundamentals - 1 Day : There is no point in spending dollars and hours of advertising and building a digital presence for your company if you don’t have access to the numbers to help you determine effectiveness. This class is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge about various features and tools available in Google Analytics and how to leverage them to best serve your business needs.

Advanced Google AdWords (301 & 401) - 1 Day : We will pick right up from where we left off in AdWords 102 with advanced Google AdWords techniques and optimization. Attendees will learn how to create campaigns which boost traffic, increase sales and build your business online. Throughout this comprehensive course, you will learn all of the elements of targeting, research, writing compelling ads, and campaign optimization. AdWords is a dynamic and ever changing platform and requires constant refinement to be effective by responding to changes in the web marketplace.

Digital Marketing Intermediate - 2 Days : This class will cover the same material as Introduction to Digital Marketing but will dive deeper into the concepts than the one-day class. Attendees will leave this class with a solid understanding of digital marketing tactics, tools and resources available today in the real world.

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