Sitrion Social Workplace
sitrion social workplace

The Social Workplace when using SharePoint On-Premise

Enhancing SharePoint’s native features, Sitrion is the conclusion to the collaboration journey that SharePoint starts.

With Sitrion, your organization can build socially supercharged communities that integrate seamlessly with SharePoint’s

on-premise native features, whether behind, or in front of, the firewall.

As a Sitrion Business & Implementation Partner, we are able to implement, integrate, customize, and deliver Sitrion services

that will assist your organization in driving both productivity and adoption.

Build a more productive organization by enabling new ways to get work done.

Smart Streams

smart streams

Your Activity Stream, revolutionized. Sitrion gives you the power to integrate both internal and external news streams into one stream, creating a universal view of everything happening inside your organization.

Badging and Recognition

badging and recognition

Badging allows for your organization to quickly locate, recognize, and motivate top performers. Let your employees shine as subject-matter experts and earn merit-based badges, further fostering and driving participation in your social workplace.



Integrate video capabilities into your social workplace seamlessly. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

Control and Compliance

control and compliance

Sitrion’s control and compliance capabilities give your organization peace of mind by automatically preventing misuse and providing the reliance of a secure system of record that captures all activities.

Promote more effective communications by balancing your audience reach with clear, impactful, and engaging messages.

Digests and Notifications

digests and notifications

Sitrion’s digests and notifications let your people decide the “what, when, and how much” information they receive, giving them the power to organize information based on their individual needs.



Surface questions and ideas into the Activity Stream to help your people feel better connected and more engaged by incorporating interactive polling across your organization.

Outlook Integration

outlook integration

We all know that “zero email” is a big vision to have, and most knowledge workers still live and breathe in Outlook. Sitrion’s Outlook plug-in enables your employees to stay within the workflow they are comfortable with.



Whether mobile devices are provided to your employees, or it’s “BYOD”, Sitrion’s mobile offering lets you expand your solution by securely connecting backend systems like SharePoint and SAP.

sitrion one

Sitrion was named winner of the 2015 Enterprise Mobility Award for the Workforce Mobility category during the 2015 Enterprise Mobility Summit, for its Sitrion ONE mobile enterprise solution.

Sitrion ONE unifies workflows, processes, and insights from across multiple systems into a single productivity stream, on one device.

For more details, see our Mobile Productivity page

Let the Sitrion toolset provide you with the ultimate SharePoint on-premise social platform; let SYNERGY show you how.