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SYNERGY is a Microsoft 'Go-To' partner for SharePoint Technologies. We have been providing services

ranging from strategic design, consulting, implementation, capacity planning and training since its inception.


A SharePoint implementation​ can be a daunting task. SYNERGY has developed a number of fixed price packaged services to help get you on the right path. Microsoft SharePoint® Server enables businesses to develop an environment that connects users, project teams, and business data, enabling more efficiencies across the enterprise.


Identify Your Business Needs

Help your business plan for success. Working through a set of onsite workshops with key stakeholders, SYNERGY identifies the deliverables and outcomes that are critical to the success of a SharePoint deployment project. We begin by determining the business goals and objectives that an organization has and the priorities that are assigned to each. We analyze the specific functionality that needs to be delivered to meet these objectives, and the infrastructure and platform environment in which it will be implemented. SYNERGY then creates a plan for the most successful SharePoint implementation​ in a cost-effective manner and within a manageable time frame that also fits the organization’s budget.

Create a Solution Roadmap

Our SharePoint experts define the best path for reaching your business goals. Through the Discovery process, SYNERGY lays out a plan for the SharePoint implementation in manageable life-cycles of approximately three months from start to finish. A typical engagement plan will envision several possible project cycles with each one building on the success and feedback of the previous. This approach allows customers to proceed along a roadmap at a pace allowing new technology and processes to be absorbed and accepted before the next round begins.

Rapid Deployment

A Complete Intranet Portal Solution

SYNERGY brings to businesses a complete intranet solution built on SharePoint​. This solution is designed for small to mid-size businesses that are ready to take advantage of the full functionality of SharePoint. This solution is an ideal pilot project to help businesses get a jump-start on the full-scale adoption of SharePoint without the normally lengthy process of planning and configuration.

Organize, Collaborate, and Search

SharePoint provides enterprise-scale capabilities to meet business-critical needs like managing content and business processes, simplifying how people find and share information across boundaries, and enabling better informed decisions. SharePoint supports all of an organization’s needs for intranet, extranet, and Internet publishing within one integrated platform, instead of relying on separate fragmented systems. This solution can be built on either Windows SharePoint Services (SharePoint Foundation), SharePoint Server Standard Edition, or SharePoint Server Enterprise Edition, depending on the customer’s licensing and needs.


Check the Health of Your SharePoint Farm

SharePoint does not have to be challenging to maintain. If it is installed and configured correctly, and maintained on a regular schedule, a SharePoint implementation is reliable and robust. During our Audit, we review your current SharePoint installation looking for problems or potential issues related to the configuration. These may range from simple changes that can improve performance to problems which, if not fixed, could lead to catastrophic failure. SYNERGY's SharePoint experts review your installation against a checklist of best-practice guidelines which have been proven to provide the best results depending on the size and configuration of your farm.

Deliver Value to Your Business

Many organizations would like to use SharePoint to drive more benefits to their staff. The challenge is to identify and prioritize where that value can best be derived and develop a plan for going about it. SYNERGY's approach is to begin by examining an organization’s primary business objectives and immediate goals looking for those areas where SharePoint's strengths can bring the greatest return on investment. We then put together a tiered range of recommendations along with cost to implement and the expected benefit to be gained. We combine this with a schedule timeline and a fixed-price quotation for making the changes. This provides a roadmap to your organization for addressing both immediate and long-term requirements that can be used in the planning and budgeting process.


What is SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS)?

SDPS is a Software Assurance Packaged Services benefit from Microsoft. SDPS is designed to help organizations plan an effective SharePoint deployment. SDPS includes a broad range of planning tools and services that help optimize the effectiveness of SharePoint’s core capabilities, and help lower the cost of deployment and adoption. In an SDPS project, SYNERGY works with your team to develop a detailed plan for installing and configuring SharePoint to meet your business needs and, in the case of the 10 and 15-day engagements, implementing a Proof-of-Concept.

  SDPS Deliverables
  SDPS Customer Deliverables 1 3 5 10 15
  Pre-Engagement Questionaire x x x x x
  Recommendations x
  Deployment Plan x x x x
  Solution Proposal x x
  SharePoint Lab and POC x x
  Production Pilot x
  Delivery Evaluation Form x x x x x
  Customer Survey