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Looking good is just the beginning

User Experience, User Interface and Customer Experience are each integral in making technology usable.

Our solutions can be highly technical but we understand your intended audience is not.

SYNERGY takes giving control of technology to end-users very seriously.

We achieve success by developing a sound understanding of your business goals. Then we shape the creative process, resulting in an intuitive experience that ticks all the right boxes.

User Experience is the process of taking large amounts of data and content and making it accessible to users in an intuitive and logical pattern. The experience must feel natural, and be a pleasure to use to be considered a success. For SYNERGY, it is important that a site makes sense today as well as tomorrow. Let us help you with your UX today.


User Interface is the discipline of dealing with all things having to do with human-machine interaction. Where websites are concerned this can mean buttons, forms, dropdowns, breadcrumbs, webparts, navigation and brand elements. The process starts with learning about the brand, the users and how the site owner wants to engage with them. We then build an interface, which leverages our 20 years of experience to create a strategic and look feel that gets results. Making a user-friendly interface which solves a creative and/or business problem and is easy to use is what we strive for. Let us build you one.


Customer Experience came into its own with the advent of social media. There are now numerous touch points a customer has with your brand and that your brand can have with the customer. Most importantly there are ways to measure these interactions. The people at SYNERGY are experts at taking this CX analysis and using it to create greater value for your customers. Contact us and let us improve your customers experience.


Our usability experts focus on staying current in the always-changing fields of human-machine interaction. SYNERGY knows how crucial these disciplines are to the success of any web project. We are maniacal in our pursuit to create a product which is a joy to use - a site the user can effortlessly navigate to complete their tasks.