Cloud Enablement
cloud enablement
cloud enablement

Whether augmenting your ‘on LAN’ IT needs, or moving fully to the cloud. We can help.

“What’s out there?”, “Will the cloud meet my security requirements?”, “Do we still control our data when it’s in the cloud?”,

“We’re not sure if we’re ready for full cloud enablement, are there hybrid solutions available?”

It’s not uncommon for organizations to have a lot of questions, especially around security and infrastructure,

when starting to think about becoming “cloud-enabled”. Let us help you answer yours.

SYNERGY offers a wide range of value added cloud enablement services to our clients. These services enhance your organization’s ability to implement line of business (LOB) solutions in situations where your own infrastructure can’t.

We will help your organization get a better understanding of the cloud, and ensure the proper infrastructure is in place to support both your current and future needs.

From infrastructure support / co-location services, to migration, to full blown cloud platform implementations, we can help you understand the options available to you, and ensure your organization is fully cloud enabled and ready.