Data Backup and Business Continuity
data backup and business continuity

40% of all companies do not survive a catastrophic blow to their

computer systems and data

Our Business Continuity Services (BCS) delivers best of breed services to facilitate secure and affordable off-site data backup.

Data Backup and Business Continuity Services

With the installation of a dedicated appliance (at your location) that utilizes image-based backup technology, all of your backup needs will be satisfied. In addition to your onsite backup protection, we automatically replicate a daily copy of all of your production servers and critical systems to bi-coastal datacenters. In the event of a catastrophic failure or extended outage, your entire server infrastructure can be activated in the cloud to deliver you true business continuity and resilience in a matter of hours.

Data Protection

Common causes for data loss are due to software and/or hardware failure, human error and viruses. The Gartner Group states that "40% of all companies do not survive a catastrophic blow to their computer systems and data." and that "even the largest companies have backup responsibilities delegated to non-IT professionals. At small and midsize businesses with limited resources, backups may be performed sporadically, if at all: Therein lies the allure of automated online backup and retrieval."

Let SYNERGY make sure your critical data is safe. Delivering best of breed services, our Business Continuity Solutions (BCS) facilitate secure and affordable data backup, both local and off-site, as well as robust business continuity of your critical systems in the event of a major incident.

As an Elite partner with Datto (a leading provider of business continuity, disaster recovery and data protection), SYNERGY is able to design a solution that is tailored to your immediate and future needs.

Secure and Flexible Solutions

Our off-site backups are stored in SSAE 15 data centers with both AES-256 and SSL key-based encryption methods that will meet most of the standard industry regulations (e.g., HIPAA, SOX).

We offer scalable, dedicated appliances to meet every price point. In addition, Virtual Solutions are also available (which allow you to utilize your existing storage), as well as Offsite Capacity v Time-Based retention pricing options.