Apple Support
apple support

We specialize in the support and maintenence of all Apple products

Fueled in part by the phenomenal growth of iOS devices, Macs are being seen in corporate America more and more every day.

At SYNERGY, our Apple experts have experience with all aspects of troubleshooting and integrating your Macs with the rest of your business including, but not limited to:

Workstation / Laptop setup
Cross Platform / AD integration
Network and routing consulting and integration
OS X desktop support
Your Apple device and Office 365
iOS device rollout and administration
Apple training and education

Companies often have the difficult task of trying to integrate a small group of Macs into larger Microsoft-centric organizations. Connecting to servers, setting up VPNs access for users, applying security policies, and other key aspects of IT can become a serious headache for PC-centric offices resulting in either poorly managed Mac systems or keeping these ‘rogue’ devices from being truly integrated parts of the network. Mac or PC we can help.