How We Work
How We Work

Outsourcing or augmenting IT support from experienced professionals makes sound financial sense, even if you have

a good in-house IT team. Our resources and expertise can significantly reduce your IT costs and greatly improve your

service quality and delivery capabilities. Too many IT support companies simply tick boxes in exchange for a monthly fee.

At SYNERGY, we work proactively with you to identify potential problems and devise a robust, reliable strategy.

We will provide exactly the custom-configured support you need.


Our SNAP solutions provide you with all the benefits of a virtual IT department at a fixed monthly cost based on your needs, number of servers, users and number of locations you have. SNAP includes helpdesk support, all necessary on-site support visits and proactive monitoring so you will always be assured consistent network performance and fully covered for any eventualities. You can also choose to include our out-of-hours 24/7 support option if your needs require it.

Our knowledgeable Helpdesk, staffed by trained and certified technicians, are selected as much for their ability to convey technical information, in a pleasant and helpful manner, as for their technical expertise.

With the right remote network monitoring and management tools all coordinated by our industry-leading service management system, Revelation helpdesk​, the result is a program in which SYNERGY becomes an extension of your company.

SYNERGY. IT Services. Managed.​