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corporate social strategy

Improving collaboration and communication across teams, departments, or even geographical locations can be easy and fun. Synergy can help you set up your Enterprise Social Networks within your existing intranets, such as Yammer, or even utilize outside social media tools, such as Facebook for Workplace.

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Professional social networks allow colleagues, even those they may not know personally, to share information to promote conversation and collaboration in new ways. Having a professional social network encourages employee engagement and growth. Users who are not as familiar with social networks will learn to operate and communicate in that fashion, making it easier to communicate ideas and tried and true methodologies to newer employees.

More rewarding outcomes happen through collaboration:

Better Intellectual Capital use
Knowledge sharing and capture
Enhanced ability to locate subject matter experts
Innovation and idea generation
Increased transparency of information
Reduction in the use of email for Corporate Communications
Breakdown of information silos across the organization
Increased productivity
Improved job satisfaction and company loyalty