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Synergy works with Bonzai to provide customers with an intranet that is deployed quickly and efficiently. Bonzai is an “intranet-in-a-box” solution with flexible pre-built features. It allows you to create a custom intranet site in weeks, not months. Bonzai is your customised digital workplace on SharePoint and Office 365.

From Requirements Analysis and Migration to Implementation, let Synergy help you create the best intranet possible for your organisation.

For more about Bonzai, click here: http://bonzai-intranet.com/

Why is Bonzai loved by Fortune 500 Companies Around the World?

Reduce the cost of a SharePoint Intranet

Bonzai's pre-built solution delivers a modern SharePoint Intranet at a fraction of the time and cost of a custom built portal.

Increases User Adoption

Award-winning UX and an intuitive interface makes Bonzai the Intranet that everyone loves. With Bonzai, organizations witness SharePoint usage increase by 50-70%.

Advanced Pre-Built Applications

Bonzai includes dozens of pre-built applications that plug into SharePoint to provide advanced functionality.

Create a Culture of Collaboration

With Bonzai, it's simple to locate and connect with subject matter experts in your organization no matter where they're located. Coupled with collaboration tools for teamwork, watch innovative projects take off.